Our Story

Ashebre is a family-owned brand that makes bold, delicious condiments. We're all about great food, great experiences and great vibes. Growing up in Jamaica, our vegan, Rastafarian lifestyle inspired us to create tasty, all natural, vegan-friendly condiments without the junk of preservatives, colorings and additives. And here's another twist: we also love flavors from around the world, so we decided to mix them up with our Jamaican vibes.

We want to make sure our products are not only delicious but also good for you. That's why we only use premium, quality ingredients in every bottle, and our condiments are totally gluten-free. Plus, we care about our carbon footprint, so we put them in awesome glass bottles that you can recycle.

Our slogan is all about love, passion, and skill coming together to make something amazing. And that's exactly what our spices, hot sauces, pesto and vinaigrettes are all about. They totally transform your everyday meals into delicious, gourmet masterpieces.

We're not just about food though. We also want to help young people discover their love for cooking. Through our internship and mentorship program, we teach them all about the food business. They learn everything from sustainable farming to cooking the trendiest dishes. We believe in doing things the right way, so we also show them how to make food in an ethical and sustainable way.

And here's something really important to us: supporting entrepreneurs and business owners. We think it's important to help each other succeed. Especially those who want to do things differently and break the mold. We want to pave the way for future generations and show them that anything is possible.

So join us on this amazing journey of flavor, fun, and making a difference. Let's turn ordinary meals into extraordinary adventures in taste!